New Location: Dallas!

We are excited to announce our new datacenter location: Dallas, Texas! Dallas is a major interconnection point for South Central United States and Latin American traffic with key terrestrial routes serving North, Central, and South America which made this a clear choice for expansion.  The datacenter is in close proximity and directly connected ... Read More »

1st Oct 2020
New Location: Maidenhead!

We are excited to announce our new datacenter location: Maidenhead, England! Maidenhead was a key choice for expansion due to its close proximity to London which is considered the internet hub of the UK.  The datacenter provides direct connectivity to London in under 2 ms (milliseconds) by utilizing a diverse array of dark fiber which results in ... Read More »

1st Nov 2019
New Location: West Chicago!

We are excited to announce our new datacenter location: West Chicago, Illinois! West Chicago was a key choice for expansion due to it being centrally located in the US, both in terms of geography and population.  The datacenter is strategically positioned west of downtown Chicago in a fiber rich area known for being a technology hub with the ... Read More »

28th Jun 2019
New Location: Amsterdam!

We are excited to announce our new datacenter location: Amsterdam, Netherlands! Amsterdam was a clear choice for expansion due to its reputation of being the internet hub of Europe and offering excellent connectivity to the region and around the globe.  The datacenter is located in the southeast business district of Amsterdam which is known for ... Read More »

4th Oct 2018
MailChannels Now Included!

We are excited to announce that MailChannels Outbound Email Filtering is now included with all Shared and Reseller Hosting plans!Outbound emails for all existing and future domains will now be routed through MailChannels where various checks are performed to ensure that only legitimate emails are delivered.There is no more worrying about if your ... Read More »

3rd May 2018
Intel Meltdown & Spectre Bug

We've been keeping an eye on the information that comes forward regarding this exploit, and we have begun applying the patches to all our nodes. We will try our best to give everyone adequate notice however this is a severe exploit and so long lengths of notice may not occur.------KVM customers will have received an email already with notice of ... Read More »

8th Jan 2018
New Location: Los Angeles!

We are excited to announce our new datacenter location: Los Angeles, California! Los Angeles was a key choice for an additional location due to its strong connectivity around the globe and especially to the Asia-Pacific region. The datacenter is located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles and is directly adjacent to one of the most well ... Read More »

30th Aug 2017
Our shared hosting is now IPv6 ready!

Hello,We have now added IPv6 ranges to all of our cPanel servers.Please open a ticket so our team can enable IPv6 on your account, each account will get a unique IPv6 address so you aren't sharing with anyone!Due to the curent lack of implementation of IPv6 functionality in cPanel, you will need to contact us to enable IPv6 on each domain/account ... Read More »

26th Feb 2016
2Checkout Switch

Hello,We have teamed up with 2Checkout to now be our payment processor!2CO will be responsible for all PayPal and Credit/Debit Card transactions going in and out of Shock Hosting.Bitcoin will remain as is, and will continue to be processed by one of the industries leading processor, Bitpay.Due to 2CO's fraud check and order verification, payments ... Read More »

14th Oct 2014
Now Accepting Bitcoin! VPN available.

Bitcoin PaymentShock Hosting is now offering 2 methods of payments, PayPal and Bitcoin!You are now able to select Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment option when checking out or paying an invoice.Select your payment option, then follow all the steps to complete the payment.Please report any issues or feedback of the Bitcoin Payment system to ... Read More »

9th Mar 2014