Our shared hosting is now IPv6 ready!


We have now added IPv6 ranges to all of our cPanel servers.

Please open a ticket so our team can enable IPv6 on your account, each account will get a unique IPv6 address so you aren't sharing with anyone!

Due to the curent lack of implementation of IPv6 functionality in cPanel, you will need to contact us to enable IPv6 on each domain/account you would like it to be enabled on.
This includes resellers, new accounts you make will not be IPv6 enabled by default.

Improvements to how cPanel handles and uses IPv6 will be updated in future releases, though this may take a very long time.

Please note if you use an external DNS manager, you will be required to add AAAA records to see the effect.

Thank you,
Shock Hosting Support

Friday, February 26, 2016

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