We've been keeping an eye on the information that comes forward regarding this exploit, and we have begun applying the patches to all our nodes. We will try our best to give everyone adequate notice however this is a severe exploit and so long lengths of notice may not occur.


KVM customers will have received an email already with notice of the node reboots occuring Tuesday 9th January 2018 at 9AM GMT, this is to apply a new performance profile and also apply the latest kernel which includes the patches for this exploit.
Your VPS's will also need to be updated and rebooted to apply the relevant kernel updates provided by your OS repositories. 

An email will be sent to all of our Shared/Reseller hosting customers once our cPanel nodes are patched and ready to be rebooted.

Maximum downtime of each downtime is considered to be around 10 minutes.

We thank you for your continued support and business!

Best Regards,
Shock Hosting Team
[email protected]

Monday, January 8, 2018

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