What are the account resource limits?


These are the resources each account are limited to, these are in place to assist in preventing a single user from abusing the server and affecting everyone. If you are reaching your limits, please contact us so we can find out why.

  Low Shock High Shock Super Shock Reseller Clients*
CPU 100% 100% 100% 100%

Entry Processes
20 28 30 20


100 100 100 100
I/O Usage

5MB/s 8MB/s 10MB/s 5MB/s

  • CPU: The maximum % of a core (100% is 1 core and so-on) that your account is limited to before throttling occurs, no errors can come from this being reached, as it throttles instead.
  • Memory: The maximum amount of physical RAM your account can utilize, errors will occur if this is reached and continues.
  • Entry Processes: Concurrent processes into PHP and MySQL,  it is unusual to hit this limit unless there is a large amount of traffic. This will result in errors if it is reached and doesn't settle, e.g. attacks/high traffic.
  • Processes: The total amount of processes under your account, this is a form of fork protection and is generally ignorable for most.
  • I/O Usage: The maximum disk read/write access your account can utilize, this may include internet tasks such as upload/downloads however this can vary. No errors are caused by this being reached, as it throttles instead.

All accounts have an inode soft limit of 230,000, and a hard limit of 250,000. Once you have reached the hard limit, you will be unable to write any more files to your account and will be required to delete data. Usually, the reason for this being full is due to email bounce-backs or cronjobs without >/dev/null 2>&1 being applied to the end of them or by Wordpress plugins that create dozens of files such as cache plugins or image optimizers.

* - These are the resource limits that accounts created by resellers are set with.

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