Feb 26th Our shared hosting is now IPv6 ready!

Hello,We have now added IPv6 ranges to all of our cPanel servers.Please open a ticket so our team can enable IPv6 on your account, if you do not own the Dedicated IP addon then you will share your assigned IPv6 address with other users on the server. If you've bought the Dedicated IP addon, you will be granted a dedicated IPv6 address.Due to the ... Read More »

Oct 14th 2Checkout Switch

Hello,We have teamed up with 2Checkout to now be our payment processor!2CO will be responsible for all PayPal and Credit/Debit Card transactions going in and out of Shock Hosting.Bitcoin will remain as is, and will continue to be processed by one of the industries leading processor, Bitpay.Due to 2CO's fraud check and order verification, payments ... Read More »

Mar 9th Now Accepting Bitcoin! VPN available.

Bitcoin PaymentShock Hosting is now offering 2 methods of payments, PayPal and Bitcoin!You are now able to select Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment option when checking out or paying an invoice.Select your payment option, then follow all the steps to complete the payment.Please report any issues or feedback of the Bitcoin Payment system to ... Read More »

Jan 1st Temporary URL (Re-Added)

Temporary URL's/Domains have been re-added for your convenience, we have pached all security risks.

Temp. URL Example: https://(Server  IP)/~(cPanel Account) A common use of Temporary URL's is if you
do not have a domain or are waiting for a domain to propogate, allowing you to access the website.

Happy New Year!

Dec 23rd Select Your PHP Version!

The Shock Hosting Technical Team has now made it possible for YOU to change your own
PHP Version for your website right from the cPanel interface.

To do so, navigate to your cPanel > Software/Service > Select PHP Version

Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or requests.

Happy Holidays!

Nov 21st Billing System Back Online (Unscheduled Maintenance)

We have recently been notified of a potential string of exploits in our Billing (Client) System.At about 1:30 PM EST Time we took our System down for maintenence to patch thepotential exploits. At about 3:30 PM EST our System was back online, no clients affected.Sorry for any inconvenience.Please contact us if you have any further ... Read More »

Oct 20th Teamspeak 3 Servers! Now available!

On behalf of the Shock Hosting team, we are pleased to announce the release of our Teamspeak 3 Servers!Our price per slot is 25 Cents (USD) a slot, which includes 500 Mb of FREE File Transfer.Additional File Transfer can be purchased for $1.00 every 500 Mb of File Transfer.(Servers are Instantly Setup and come with a Web Control Panel)We are ... Read More »

Oct 19th Billing System Back Online / Announcment!

After a long 12 hours, we have put Shock Hosting's Billing / Client Area back online!We have recieved and implemented the patch for the potential exploit in the System.Noticed anything suspicious on any of your accounts? Contact us immedietly.As a Security precauting, we ask that all clients change their passwords.We are sorry for any ... Read More »

Oct 16th Temporary URL Removal

Due to recent issues with "Temporary URL'S" also known as "Temporary Domains" we have removed this feature.This removal was removed due to various technical issues and also security risks related to Temporary URL's.Temporary URL Example:https://(Server IP)/~(cPanel Account)You will still be able to manage your website but you wont be able to ... Read More »

Oct 14th Reseller Hosting, Its here!

Reseller Hositng is finally for sale! After countless requests we have released Reseller Hosting!
To find out more information visit the Reseller Hosting page at:

lease let us know if you have any questions!

Shock Hosting Team